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What is The real maverick?

Maverick is an unorthodox or independent-minded person. - Google Assistant

That very definition of the word “Maverick” is from Google and if you focus on the particular word “Independent”, the definition of the word “Maverick” becomes a whole lot easier.

I am an independent person who is not a professional blogger but a person who writes his mind just to prove the saying, “Words act as Weapons”. I am a person wanting to create a positive impact and to dive into the world of writers and professional bloggers given the amount of BLOGS published.

This is the main logo of The Real Maverick

What was the motivation factor?

It’s just a song by a famous band named Seether. Given that it is a song, it can be interpreted in any possible way.
I went with the song’s name “Words as Weapons”. The name did started the fire to start this blog regardless of my experience in writing.

What do you write about?

This blog is a really realistic approach of my mind. I write about almost anything ranging from Random Reviews to some Travel experience to Opinion on a certain topic.

What do you want to do with this blog?

My name as an Author is The First Maverick, meaning that I started this community. 
I dream of making this Blog a community of like-minded people sharing ideas.

who is who?

Who runs The Real Maverick?

I was an Entrepreneur so I know the rush of naming the position of the newly started company. This website does not represent any company as of now. I know the feeling of boasting the position and later repenting due to failure.
For now let’s name it, ” The First Maverick”

Embarked the journey on

January 23, 2020

The First Maverick

Maverick 1

What is your main goal?

Freedom is not free. Meaning you need to work day and night for it to be in your hands. I dream of providing honest opinion towards literally anything. And Yes, of-course I am blogging to sustain.

I dream of making The Real Maverick a community of like minded people sharing ideas and knowledge without the influence of anyone. Just an honest Opinion. 

How it all started?

I left my full-time job few days before the initial date of establishment of this website. I had few hundred dollars in my Bank Account.

I wanted to buy the domain name “” but unfortunately, it was taken. Upon, messing with random words I came up with the domain name, “” which was available.
That’s how I started The Real Maverick without any prior experience.


The goal is to reach the top of the mountain and then reveal my identity which is a long time from now. 

The journey of blogging is entirely new for me and I don't know whether I will reach my destination or not. Passion took me to blogging and blogging will take me to new heights.
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