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Coronavirus – All you need to know

Coronavirus outbreak is one of the severe outbreaks in the world threatening the human health.

Coronavirus under an electron microscope
Corona Virus Outbreak

Coronavirus outbreak is the most alarming news on most of the news portals and this my small internet-based research (this blog post is not backed up with numbers and statistics) on one of the largest and severe outbreaks in the world. By this day, you might have well researched the Coronavirus and you may have gathered a lot of information but here’s my analysis.

I really believe that most of the things follow a pattern. Let’s take an example:
FIFA World Cup is a competition that happens every four years. It brings buzz and craze just like an outbreak.
I understand that this example is really irrelevant but I am trying to conjecture a point that these Disease outbreaks occur after a certain interval of time.

Let’s swerve to the year 2009. An enormous outbreak of Swine Influenza was reported which did kill a lot of people. Later, in early 2014, the Ebola virus outperformed on the outbreak killing thousands of people. And now, in early 2020, coronavirus has created an outbreak in the world. If you consider the interval, it is roughly about 5-6 years which really makes me think that these disease outbreaks follow a pattern.
The Real Maverick believes in Conspiracy theory 😲


What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus was first discovered during the ’60s and since then has no vaccines or drugs for its cure. They are named Corona because, under an electron microscope, the virus appears to have crown-like spikes from their outer surface. It is just like the corona captured by a camera during Solar Eclipse

The image is not owned by The Real Maverick and is from telegraph.co.uk through Google Image.

The name has a Latin origin. Coronaviruses are found in other animals but if you look at the expertise of the virus, you’ll find sources stating that it acts on the respiratory tract of the human being.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

While there are many sources for the information about the symptoms, I trusted the official website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for my research. The symptoms may include the following:

  • Runny Nose
  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Fever
  • Pneumonia or Bronchitis on people having a previous history of compromised respiratory system.

*The Symptoms are from cdc.gov

How does it spread?

This section is not about how it all began but rather about the person to person transmission. Human Coronavirus is transmitted by the means of air that include coughing, sneezing, etc and by the means of contact, that is, handshake, hug, etc. Furthermore, the virus can be transmitted to you if you touch the surface that has been infected before.
For Example:
If you touch an object that has been previously contaminated with coronavirus you may get infected with the virus. This contamination does not happen as soon as you touch the object but if you eat something or say you rub your eyes or nose with the same hand.

*There may be other modes of transmission but these modes are the most common ways of transmission suspected by cdc.gov

How it all started?

It has been suspected that the coronavirus first originated from snakes but later it the suspicion was transferred to bats.
The Coronavirus outbreak started from the city of Wuhan in Eastern China through a seafood market where wild bats, birds, rabbits, snakes are traded despite the name of the market.
Many still believe that bats are the cause of this virus as many videos surfaced the internet that showed people eating bat soup and other wild animals. The authenticity of the cause is still not known.

How can we stop it from spreading rapidly?

Cdc.gov recommends washing hands before and after eating, after the bathroom, after sneezing or coughing. In fact, washing hands for at least 20 seconds will decrease the risk of transmission.
CDC also recommends avoiding nonessential travels to China.

These are the short summary of one of the deadliest outbreaks in the world. Stay Safe!

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